Placer County Library Services Strategic Plan

The final draft of the Placer County Library Services Strategic Plan is now available to the public. The Plan is derived from interactive discussion in community workshops and through surveys with more than 500 community leaders and Placer County constituents. The three main initiatives discussed are:

  1. Reverse the Erosion in Library Services by recognizing that the Library was hit hard by the Great Recession and must invest as the economy improves in the facilities, collection, staffing, and programming.
  2. Modernize Operations to Improve Efficiency and Expand Services by anticipating the needs of Library users, reducing the unit cost of routine customer transactions, improving the Library’s website content and access, and making self-service easy, fun, and preferred by customers.
  3. Building Capacity for the Future by identifying new revenue sources and building prudent reserves.

Read the full Plan.
Watch an important Video about Issues facing the County Library system.